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5 Days

Participant will learn about CAD/CAM for sheet metal focusing on :

1:   Draw 2D and 3D sheet metal design

2:   Apply punching, profiling and bending process

3:   Generate nesting for similar shape and different shape

4:   Generate NC code based on post processer 

This course offer specialized information on handling sheet metal and as a tools for sheet metal fabrication solution. This course could be an added value to increase information on handling sheet metal solution using VERO Radan software. This Computer Aided Machining (CAM) solution for sheet metal included punching, profiling and bending were covered in this courses. 


This course combined all the information needed for sheet metal solution especially for Computer Aided Machining (CAM). Informative and fully of example has been the key factors in achieving the objective stated. This course started with 2D Drawing, followed by machining process that include punching and profiling.  Bending solution is the final content after 3D drawing were covered. All CAM processes will covered till NC code generation with multiple strategies in order to achieve the best quality and quantity. 


INSTRUCTOR 1:  Abdul Fattah bin Mohamad Tahir

INSTRUCTOR 2:  Abdul Rahman bin Abas


INSTRUCTOR 3:  Abdul Rahman Bin Abas